Another developer gift

Just found this one, looks like it was dropped in right around the time I started at the company.

ALTER procedure [dbo].[usp_Get_RowCount] 
@pStructureRowCount	nvarchar(500),
@pRowCount int output


set nocount on
@SQLStatement varchar(500)

set @SQLStatement = 'Select count(*) From ' + @pStructureRowCount

create table #tempRowCount (----Temporary table created for storing related to current Database
StrucRowCount bigint,

insert into #tempRowCount exec(@SQLStatement)

select @pRowCount = StrucRowcount from #tempRowCount

Developers and Reporting Services

Hello again. Recently I accepted a new job offer at the same company, I’m now the “Supervisor of Quality” which means I’m going to be working on Service Management, Change Management, Problem Management, etc, etc, etc.

So I kind of figured that my SQL posting days were done. However, my company likes to put the cart way in front of the horse and I’m still the lone DBA for 50 production servers, 70 production instances, and thousands of databases, scattered around the globe from South Africa to the UK, from Australia to Amsterdam. Oh, and everywhere in-between.

Today, I got a message from a “developer” that his new report is timing out.

I ran the report manually with his parameters, and do a little “SP_WHOISACTIVE” while the report was running. Here’s one of the queries I captured…
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