Powershell scripts to document SQL Servers

Starting at a new company as their first really dedicated SQL Server DBA, I inherited over 20 production SQL Servers. These systems had varying levels of documentation from little to none, so I’ve had a painful time of it just getting up to speed on the current environment. I’ve read a number of articles from the masters, including Brent Ozar. I’ve used his SQL Blitz scripts, and his new sp_blitz procedure to gain knowledge of existing systems. Building on that, since I’m as lazy as any other good DBA, I’ve created – and by created, I really mean that I modified – some existing powershell scripts to gather information about servers or SQL Server and dump that information into Excel. I plan on running these scripts on a monthly basis to keep them current. I’ll add to them, modify them, and create new ones as I see fit. My real thoughts are that I can use this information in the event of a disaster, and rebuild a server from backups without having to memorize information such as logins, data file locations, sql server configuration options, etc.

This is the master post, and here are the links to each of the posts that I have created so far.

The original script which started all my work. Database properties
SQL Logins
SQL Server configuration settings
Database file settings
!!!Updated OS / Hardware level settings!!!
OS / hardware level settings

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