Microsoft DPM 2010

Wow, is this released, and are people using it? I figured I’d install this at home on a VM in my HyperV server to pre-test before doing the same at work. We’re entertaining the idea of dropping NetApp’s Snapdrive for Windows and Snapmanager for SQL on our primary datacenter filerheads, and I wanted to find a replacement or possibly an upgrade.

After 3 failed attempts to install, all I can say is “Sloppy”. The failures have been during DPM “Reporting Services configuration”. All the reports are deployed, and I can view the reports via the URL. But I get the “dreaded” 812 error saying some generic reporting services error ocurred. Advice on the web has to do with SSL and RS being configured to use HTTPS. Not in my case. Digging in the logs, I see this error pop up “Mojito error was: PasswordTooShort”. References on the web suggest that the password does not match the domain GPO policy. However, the password is the same that I’m using for my domain account, so forget that idea. No resolutions that I have found, one attempt from some MS guy was to try to do a net user /ADD. Guess what, that works without error. Great one MS.

Trying to install on Windows Server 2008 R2. Oh, and here’s another problem, probably a Server 2008 R2 problem. Try to reinstall, get an error that the database DPMDB on instance MSDPM2010 exists, and to delete prior to reinstall. Guess what, if you open a command window and try to bring up the DAC via sqlcmd -S localhost\MSDPM2010 -A you get “Login Failed for user that did the install”. Oh but forget it – you, open a command window “As Administrator” and it works fine. I absolutely hate running SQL Server on Windows Server 2008 R2.

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